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Are your competitors ranking above you? Have you got a great website that no-one can see? Let our SEO experts get your business ranking online. Whether you’re based in Manchester, London or anywhere in the UK, our search engine optimisation services can help your business!

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Ethical Link Building

We know the importance of good link building which is why we only use the best. Our agent is one of the leading companies in the UK and has worked with everyone from eBay and Gumtree to name a few.


Regular Monthly Reports

As part of our SEO service you will receive regular monthly reports showing what changes have been made and what we plan to do moving forward.

Local & National Rankings

Google is pushing more local rankings all the time, so it’s important to make sure you’re ranking locally as well as nationally. Our SEO team can help you!


Competitor Research

As part of our research we will take an in-depth look at your competition. We will look at everything, from their backlink profile and keywords to domain authority?

Regular Meetings

Communication is key, which is why we hold regular meetings with all our clients to ensure we are hitting all their objectives.



If you want to bring in business through search, that means using using an agency like ours that specialises in Search Engine Optimisation to help make website to rank well on Google. The majority of people now search using their smartphones, and 96% of all mobile traffic goes through Google. So ranking highly for effective keywords has never been more important. Improving that ranking is exactly what we, Jigsaw’s Manchester-based SEO experts, do.

We’ll set your objectives – clear and achievable, with no false promises. Then using our backlink building, content creation and technical SEO expertise, we’ll improve your site’s Google rankings. You aren’t tied to a long-term contract. And you always know exactly what we’re doing with jargon-free tailored reports.

So if you find you’re website is not ranking or the competition is ahead of you, speak to our team today for your free consultation.



Latest Projects

121 Near Me

121 Near Me is one of the fastest growing business directories in the UK, and thanks to our SEO services they are now ranking page 1 for a variety of services and locations. They are now getting subscriptions from around the UK and really feeling the benefits of their SEO.

Electricians Emergency

Electricians Emergency are one of North London’s leading electrical companies. They wanted a clean and simple website that looked great on mobiles and highlighted their services. They were delighted with the end result and are now one of our SEO clients.

Pig on a Spit

As a quality hog roast catering company, Pig on a Spit were looking to re-brand their exisiting website. We built the new website to be mobile friendly and added a live chat feature to help with customer engagement. They are also page 1 with our SEO services


If your website is struggling to be found on Google, then our Search Engine Optimisation service can help. From our location in Worsley, Manchester, we have helped our clients achieve over 1000+ page one listings through our ethical SEO.

If you want to rank for those all important keywords and not only get better rankings, but also generate leads from your website, then our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services is one of the most cost-effective ways to do this. With over 90% of all searches going through Google and over 80% of people searching online before making a purchase, having a fully optimised website has never been more important.

We have helped businesses across the UK achieve page 1 listings in some of the strongest marketplaces and also generate revenue – one of the reasons why we’re one of the most trusted SEO agencies in Manchester.

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If you’re still unsure if you need an SEO agency, this might make you re-consider. Google has a market share of over 90% and handles over 2 trillion searches A DAY. Our experts can help your business to be found on Google!

93% of searches on google are local

Don’t think local SEO is important? Think again. With over 93% of searches being location based, getting your website found by local customers is a must.

In fact, statistics show that most referrals come from local customers, therefore getting and keeping local customers can help your business grow.

Our SEO consultants are specialists in local search engine optimisation and can help you get an advantage over the competition. Speak to our team today!


Even though Google handles over 2 trillion requests a day, 15% of these are completely new and have never been searched for.

As part of our SEO service our consultants will keep up to date with all the latest keywords in your industry to make sure you’re being found for relevant terms.


Every time your do a search on Google, they look at over 200 factors before they display the results. We make sure we keep on top of all aspects of Google search helps our clients stay ahead of the competition.


Have you ever wondered how Google decides what to display when you type in a search phrase. For example, if you type in “SEO Agency Worsley” you’ll find us on page 1. But how? The reason is because Google uses a number of algorithms to sort websites. The algorithms range from looking at content and backlins to local SEO.

And because they update these thousands of times a year, most businesses find it impossible to keep up which is why they come to agencies such as ourselves.

Voice Search Will Exceed 50% in 2020

That’s right, in 2020 voice search is expected to make up over 50% of all searches. Does your SEO agency know how to optimise your website for this new traffic stream? We do! In fact, our blog content is written with voice search in mind.


In 2015 around 34% of all searches were done on a mobile. In 2020 that’s expected to exceed 60%. Making sure your website is optimised for mobile search, including local SEO is key to getting new business. As part of our Search Engine Optimisation service we will look after this for you.


Search terms that have 4 keywords, statistically speaking, tend to yield the best conversions. Why? Because the websites that rank for these are closest to the searchers intent. For example, let’s say you were looking for an Search Engine Optimisation agency and only searched for “SEO”, Google will show everything from websites explaining what SEO is to actual agencies. Whereas, if you were looking for an agency and typed in “SEO Agency Worsley Manchester” Google will know you are looking for an agency based in Worsley, Manchester.

47% Of Visitors Expect a Website to load in 2 seconds

Is your website fast to load? If not, it could be costing you valuable leads and customers. With statistics showing that over 47% of visitors leave if a website doesn’t load in two seconds, having a fast website has never been more important. You might be thinking, what has this got to do with SEO. A lot more than you think. It’s no coincidence that websites on page one are the fastest, and it is also a factor which Google takes into consideration when ranking a website. As part of our website audit we will look at your site speed and put forward recommendations on how to improve it.

what’s in our website audit?

If you’re struggling to rank online, you’ll probably want to know why. As part of our SEO service we will carry out a full and in-depth website audit that will show where your website is performing and, more importantly, is not performing. And unlike other SEO agencies in Manchester that provide generic reports, all of our audits are carried out manually and are completely bespoke to each client.

So what do we look at when we carry out an audit? Well we can’t give away all our secrets to the competition – and as we said, each audit is bespoke, so it will vary from website to website – but here are some of the main areas we will look at:


  • Website Speed – To find out how fast your website loads we will analyse it through a number of industry-leading SEO tools. If you website speed needs attention we will put forward recommendations on how this can be improved.


  • Meta Information and Headings – If you want Google to know what keywords you want to rank for, making sure you’re targeting your keywords in the correct areas is a must. As part of our audit we will look at the meta information and headings on your page.


  • On-Page Content – The content on your website is one of the key areas that Google looks at. What we will do is look at where improvements can be made in order to not only rank well, but also convert visitors.


  • SSL Certificate – An SSL certificate in basic terms changes your website from “http://” to “https://”. This additional “S” is important as it shows Google your website is “secure”. Having a secure website not only shows your visitors that your website is trustworthy, it’s also a signal which Google monitors. Having an SSL has been known to give websites a slight boost in rankings.


  • Backlink Profile – Backlinks are an important part of Search Engine Optimisation, but if they’re poor quality it will only harm your website in the long-run. We have partnered with one of the UK’s leading backlink building companies to ensure our clients get the best possible backlinks – they have also worked alongside Gumtree, eBay, Booking.com and many more, so you can be assured you’re getting the best links. 



Client Testimonials


Jigsaw Digital are fantastic! They are knowledgeable and talk you through the steps and process of the SEO strategy for your business. They provide an essential service. I have seen expansion and more awareness of my business and been presented with more opportunities as key people have been able to locate my website. SEO is priority for any growing business and this service is essential with this companies service you will see your customer base expand!

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